See IT in action demonstrates how councils and partners can use technology to transform the delivery of public services, improve outcomes, and help achieve more for less.

See IT in Action 2012 is a market place event designed to showcase the latest innovations in ICT. It will demonstrate how local government is working to improve the delivery of public services and meet the government's pledge to make all services ‘digital by default’. See IT in Action 2012 will focus on how local authorities can utilise technology to empower citizens, improve frontline services and transform the lives of the most vulnerable citizens in society and the ‘digitally excluded’.

ICT is the ultimate catalyst for change in society today. It enables citizens to shape the services they rely on; empowering individuals, communities and service providers to drive forward efficiency and make services more responsive to individual and community need. With local government facing severe financial pressure there is an urgent need for the public sector to embrace innovative ways which can achieve efficiency savings, as well as ensuring the most vulnerable are not disadvantaged.

See IT in Action 2012 will demonstrate how public sector providers across the country are making creative use of existing 'off-the-shelf' technology; improving outcomes and delivering increased value for money across a range of front-line local services - including health, housing, social care, education and community safety. The focus of this market place event is on the social, economic and organisational improvements technology can achieve; demonstrating innovations and delivering outcomes across a range of front-line public services.

The Coalition Government has stressed the need to use innovative IT initiatives to tailor public services directly to those receiving them and according to local need; embedding the Government’s key themes of choice, devolution and making public services more accountable to users and the tax payers. In these times of Austerity, the intelligent use of ICT provides a cost-effective means to deliver solutions and See IT in Action will help lead the way forward in terms of best practice for local authorities and their partners.

See IT in Action 2012 brings the sector together to showcase the latest innovations in IT and provide a platform to explore new government priorities, learn about the latest developments in IT for local government and offer individuals and organisations the opportunity to network and form partnerships with the leading innovators in the sector.

It is a must-attend day for all those who commission or manage local public services, who are looking to make their work more efficient, cheaper, and targeted at supporting those most in need.

We are looking for sponsors and supporters who want to be part of the debate and who can demonstrate innovative ways of delivering services through ICT. If your organisation is working to improve public services, please get in touch.